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JacsZen Consulting, Inc | Identification Plates
Identification Plates - Rethinking Metal Branding Campaign

Identification Plates.

These cats know metal.  I mean … they REALLY know metal.

So when they asked us how to tell their story, it was clear … focus on their experience in using metal. With a solid brand foundation, Identification Plates was looking for a refresh that stayed true to it’s 55 year history.  During a facilitated branding session, an employee suggested “Rethinking Metal” … and we knew that was the answer.  Bottom line — the best ideas are usual inside your organization.  We just help you find it.

Now we are in the process of taking “Rethinking Metal” to a new level through social media, trade show design and e-marketing campaign.

  • Identification Plates
  • ongoing
Go ahead... check it out!

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